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How does the sports package work?

When watching your favorite live sports on the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA channels you will notice that each game ALWAYS starts to air when the game is scheduled to start. This is the same for PPV. PPV ONLY plays when there is a NEW scheduled event airing.

Also, you will notice that your live sports will play on multiple channels at the same time. For example, if Sunday Night Football is on NBC, it will also be on one of the NFL channels, and you will also notice it may be on one of our TSN channels as well. If you like Hockey, it will always be on a NHL channel and it may be on one of our SportsNet channels too. Another example is NASCAR will always air on it’s scheduled channel and may be on one of our TSN channels at the same time!

You have a ton of options when it comes to your live sports so click around!

Is my trial the same service as the all access monthly pass?

Yes it is. You may be limited on PPV events but your trial will be exactly like your paid service.

How do I get a free trial?

Go to the Home Page and click on the Free Trial buttons or Get All Access Now. 

Why choose Ezee Streams?

When You Order Ezee Streams You Can Get Premium IPTV Service in just minutes! Ezee Streams Offers The Best And Most Reliable IPTV Options At One Low Price. Ezee Streams Offers A Wide Range Of Streaming Channels At A Fraction Of The Cost You’d Pay Other Providers. If You Want To Buy With Confidence Knowing That You Are About To Order The Best And Most Reliable IPTV Service Available, Order Your IPTV Service From Ezee Streams Today!

What is iptv and how does it work?

IPTV refers to Internet-based Protocol Television where internet is used to deliver TV programs & Videos that are either live or on demand. IPTV is a system where digital television service is delivered to the subscriber through Internet protocol technology via the medium of broadband or internet connection.

Can I use my device for your service?

We are compatible with all devices other than Roku (coming soon), Xbox, Playstation, M3U, some Smart TV’s and Chromecast. 

Do i have to have a smart tv?

You are not required to have a Smart TV. Over 80% of our Customers do prefer a Fire Stick, including our Smart TV users, but you have many options when it comes to the devices you can use with Ezee Streams.

What device is best for your service?

Over 80% of our Customers use a Fire Stick, which is the preferred device, but you are not limited to a Fire Stick. We do recommend that you get a 4K Fire Stick because the remote will have a power and volume option.

Is there any maintenance on a fire stick?

Over 80% of Ezee Streams customers use a Fire Stick or Fire TV. They are great devices for the price but they do need a little maintenance. They need to be reset from time to time if you are experiencing any issue while watching Ezee Streams. Fire devices do get hot and never truly turn off or reset unless you actually unplug the device from the power source. We recommend you do this from time to time if you start to experiencing any issues. Resetting your internet is recommend as well.

How many tv’s can i use?

You can stream all your devices at the same time.

What is the recommended internet speed?

We recommend a minimum of 25MB. To check your speed please go to

What is an ip address?

An IP address is assigned to every computer or device through your internet network. It’s like the street address for your home, an IP address identifies your networks computers or devices. An IP address is formatted as a series of four values separated by periods: 

Can i use ezee streams anywhere?

All your devices need to be under the same IP Address per 4 device package. You may use your Cell Phone, Tablet or iPad outside your IP address. If you take any devices outside your IP Address that is not a Cell Phone, Tablet or iPad, your service will automatically be locked. We do not allow sharing Devices or Codes.

How do i order?

First, simply click on our orange Get All Access Tab on the top right of the home page, select your package by clicking Buy Now, fill out the registration form and click submit. After you click submit, an auto generated email will be sent to you with your login credentials. You can also retrieve your login credentials by logging in to your Ezee Streams account.

Next, download our media player to the device of your choice.

Finally, after you have downloaded our media player and you open it, you will come to a login screen. Simply login with your login credentials and start watching Ezee Streams!

Can i record my favorite shows?

We do have a DVR/Catch Up feature where we do the recording for you. Our Catch Up feature automatically records back 7 days at all times. We also have an On-Demand library where we will have all your favorite tv shows and movies which is updated on a daily basis.

How many channels do i get?

We have over a thousand Live HD Premium Channels and all of our packages are all inclusive so you get everything we have in our channel line-up for the monthly cost. You will have ALL of your Live Sports including PPV, ALL your Favorite Live Channels, ALL your Favorite TV Shows and Movies, ALL in one place for $29.99 per month!

Can I Use A VPN?

Yes you can use a VPN but you need to make sure that ALL devices read the SAME IP Address. If ANY of your devices read a different IP Address from each other, our system will lock you out. DO NOT use a roaming VPN. You can use an IP Address from anywhere in the world, but again, all devices need to read the same IP Address.
*Sharing codes or moving devices from your home will result in locking you out of our system as well. You can have one device outside your IP Address at a time and that is a Smart Phone, Tablet or an iPad.

Installation & Account

How do i install the app?

For instructions on downloading and installing the Ezee Streams Application, click here

How do i log into my account?

Go to Ezee Streams and click on the tab My Account. Login using the email you registered with as your Username and the Password you created. You will see all your account info and login info on the first screen – My Account.

What is my username and password to log into my account?

When you first registered with Ezee Streams you were required to enter an email address. That email address will always be your Username when you login to your Ezee Streams account. Your Password is the personal Password you created when you first registered.

How do i renew my device link codes?

Simply log into your account to retrieve your Device Link Codes. If your codes are expired, simply click on Renew and our system will automatically generate a new Device Link Code for you.

Device Link Codes are your login Pin Codes for each device. They are only used once to login and once they are used they can never be used again. Your Username and Password will always be the same numbers attached to your account. 

Login Codes for your Ezee Streams Service

How do i use my login credentials?

ACCOUNT NUMBER: Always provide your account number when contacting Customer Service.

USERNAME AND PASSWORD: These numbers are used to login to your devices. These numbers will never change and will ALWAYS be the same to login to your devices. Some devices do not allow you to use a Username and Password so you will have to use a Device Link Code which is also known as a Pin Code.

DEVICE LINK CODES (PIN CODES): These codes are also identified as Pin Codes for logging in to your devices for the first time. You will receive 4 Device Link Codes when you first register. Each Device Link Code can only be used once and once they are used they can never be used again. These codes will expire after 10 days if they are not used and will require to be renewed before using if they are expired. You can login to your account to Renew and retrieve your codes at anytime.

PROVIDER ID: 446 will always be the preferred Provider ID for Ezee Streams.

BLOCKED CHANNEL PIN: This Pin Number will always default as 1234. Customer Service can change this Pin Number for you based on request. Some devices will ask you to put in 5 numbers but you will only need to put in the 4 numbers for your Pin Number. 

What login codes do i use to log into my device?

You can either login to your account by typing in your Username and Password or you can login using a Pin Code (Device Link Code). Some devices require you to login using a Username and Password only, some require you to only use a Pin Code and some devices give you both options. Any time you have the Pin Code option we suggest you use that option and type in a Device Link Code. 

What is the difference between username, password and device link codes (pin codes)?

They are two completely separate ways to login. Your Username and Password will always be the same login numbers and will always be attached to your account. Device Link Codes (Pin Codes) are only used once to login and they can never be used again. They do expire after 10 days if they are not being used and will need to be renewed by logging into your account and hitting the Renew button.

What is my adult channel pin?

This code will be in your account or in the email you received once you registered. You can always request our Support Team to change the code for you at any time as well.

What is my provider id? 

Your Provider ID number will always be 446.

Payments, billing and upgrading

Do I need a credit card for a free trial?

No, you don’t need to supply a credit card for your free trial. 

How do i purchase after my trial?


REGISTERING AND PURCHASING – To Register and Purchase click on one of the Get All Access tabs located throughout the Ezee Streams Homepage.


*If you are purchasing from your trial, updating your credit card info by purchasing, or upgrading to an 4 device package, please make sure you are logging into your current account. If you do not login to your current account to purchase or update, you will create a duplicate account which will not reflect the proper account with your current devices. Our Support Team will then have to manually update your correct account and Void out the new account you created.


*Please make sure you are using the address attached to your credit card. Only 3 things deny a transaction and that is Insufficient Funds, Address and Zip Code.


*If our system is saying you have more than one item in your Cart please hit the Red X and clear out your Cart. Then hit Continue or SHOP and re-select your package. 

How do i clear my shopping cart?

If our system is saying you have more than one item in your Cart please hit the Red X and clear out your Cart. Then hit Continue or SHOP and re-select your package.

How do i clear my shopping cart?

If our system is saying you have more than one item in your Cart please hit the Red X and clear out your Cart. Then hit Continue or SHOP and re-select your package.

How come my payment won’t go through?

Simply log into your account to retrieve your Device Link Codes. If your codes are expired, simply click on Renew and our system will automatically generate a new Device Link Code for you.

Device Link Codes are your login Pin Codes for each device. They are only used once to login and once they are used they can never be used again. Your Username and Password will always be the same numbers attached to your account. 

Your payment will only be declined for a few reasons, insufficient funds, your address including zip code does not match the billing address of your credit or debit card and if the 3 or 4 digit security code is incorrect.

Is my service on auto pay?

When you buy an All Access Monthly Pass you are automatically enrolled in autopay. We do not do auto pay for our All Access Weekly Passes and if you choose not to be on auto pay this would be the right package for you. 

How do I upgrade to an 8 device package if I already have your service?

If you are already a Ezee Streams Customer and you want to upgrade to an 8 Device Package go ahead and purchase your 8 device package and we will take your remaining time of your 4 device package and add it to the 8 device package. It will be divided equally to each 4 device package.

Example: You currently have 14 days left on your All Access Monthly Pass. We will split the 14 days left and add 7 days to each of the 4 device packages that complete your 8 device package.

This will give you 37 days on your 8 device package. After 37 you will be auto billed and then every 30 days there after. 

How do I update my debit or credit card?

Simply go to the Update Billing tab and fill out the form.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Is there a contract or credit check?

There is never any Contract or Credit Check. Your Service is recurring month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

About your devices

What devices can i use?

For information on compatible devices, visit our devices and installations page.  

Can I use all the devices at the same time?

You can run ALL your devices at the same time. 

How do i remove devices from my account?

To have a device removed or reset from your account please reach out to our Support Team and they will do it for you. To identify which device you would like removed, please go into the Info Tab on your device and find the Device ID (Identifier).

They will have a collaboration of letters and numbers that are lower case and capitalized. Examples: eyjMDU, ZeY27F, D3fn7S

How do I identify a device to customer service?

Go into the Info Tab on your device and at the top left you will see the Device ID (Identifier).

Why can’t I find your media player in the app store for my android device?

Some Android Devices operate different then others or they are outdated so you will need to sideload our Media Player if you cannot find it in your App Store.

Why can’t I find your media player in the app store for my smart tv?

If you cannot find our Media Player in your App Store for your Smart TV then we are not compatible with that make or model. Over 80% of our Customers use a Fire Stick and is the preferred Device for Ezee Streams and most Smart TV users still use a Fire Stick even though they have a Smart TV.

Navigating Ezee Streams

How do i get to my channels?

Ezee Streams has 2 different guides to help you navigate to all your favorite Channels.

Please watch our Walkthrough video.

How do I manually reset my channels?

If you have a channel that is buffering or you get a No Video Input, simply click up or down to select a different channel and then go back to your original channel. This may take a couple of times especially if your internet is having a little issue. It’s always a good idea to reset your devices every once in a while, by completely shutting down or unplugging your device. Devices need to be completely reset from time to time and it usually fixes most issues you are having including resetting your internet.

Customer SErvice

What is the best way to contact customer service?

Email is always the quickest and most efficient way. We email our Customers back in order received and will usually get back to you with a response right away. Sending multiple emails will delay your response so we recommend sending one email and await your prompt response. 

How does the voicemail support line work?

We will usually respond to a voicemail by promptly emailing you back with a response unless a call is necessary. 95% of all service calls can usually be handled by a simple email so please always check your email in response to your voicemail. Please make sure you provide your account number and a detailed message on why you are calling. We will need to know exactly what you need so we can properly assist you.

What do I do if I am having an issue or need help with my service?

Please contact The Customer Support Team right away. The best and quickest way to get a response is to always email us at: [email protected]

How do I contact you for a billing question?

Please email [email protected] 

Error Codes


Ezee Streams has a 99.4% up time on ALL channels. We will have to reset a channel from time to time but Buffering or NO VIDEO INPUT is not a normal service of Ezee Streams.

Most of the time if you are having issues with your service it will be a device or an internet issue.

NO VIDEO INPUT – You will receive this error if your device is not properly receiving an internet signal. You may need to simply reset the channel by clicking the Select button or by going to another channel and then selecting your channel again. Also, you may need to completely reset your internet modem. Having a NO VIDEO INPUT error is not a normal service with Ezee Streams but if it is happening to only one particular channel please report it to Customer Service so we can take a look at it.

SOUND – You should always have sound when watching Ezee Streams. If you encounter an issue with sound please reset your device and make sure it is not on silent mode. Some Apple Devices require you to turn the volume button off and then back on. If you still have an issue please reach out to Customer regarding the specific channel. Some Smart TV’s will have issues with sound and the On-Demand sections which means that TV is not compatible with our Media Player.

IP ADDRESS ERRORS – ALL devices need to read the same IP Address per 4 Device Subscription. You are allowed to have one device outside your IP Address at any time and that may be a Cell Phone, Tablet or iPad.

VPN SERVICE – If you are using a VPN you can use any IP Address you choose from anywhere in the world BUT it needs to be the same IP Address for ALL devices. You cannot use a Roaming VPN because it uses multiple IP Addresses.

SHARING CODES OR MOVING DEVICES – You CANNOT share codes or move devices to another IP Address (Location). The system will automatically lock out your service. Remember we are only a $1 a day so tell your friends and family to sign up for Ezee Streams! 

It is asking me for a provider id?

Your Provider ID number will always be 455.

I’m on a channel and it’s asking me for a pin?

This would mean you are in the Adult Channel section and it requires a pin before you can activate the channel. Your code will be in your email with all your login credentials or you can simply login to your account.

It says my subscription has expired?

Your subscription time has expired and you will need to purchase again to reactivate your account. 

It says bad credentials when I try to login?

Bad Credentials is a default error because you are not currently logged into your device. You will see to the right that it says Username and Passcode or the Pin Code. Simply select one of the tabs and proceed to login. 

Why is my device saying “No subscriber assigned” or “Device type not allowed”?

This means we will have to clear your MAC ID. Please email our Support Team with the MAC number on the screen and we will clear it for you.

Why is my device saying “Attempt to authenticate with no allowed ip address”?

You are receiving this error because your devices are reading multiple IP Addresses. Your Devices are only supposed to have one IP Address per 4 device package. You will have to email our Support Team with the right IP Address so we can remove the one you are not using and have you re-login to the device ensuring you are using the proper IP Address. If you do not know what IP Address you are supposed to be using, our Support Team will reset all your devices and have you re-login to all your devices again.

Roaming VPN’s do not work with our service because you will be using multiple IP Addresses.

It says I have reached the max number of devices?

This means you have reached the max number of devices (4) for your account. If you need to remove one of the devices, simply go into the Info Tab on your device and find the Device ID (Identifier) and email [email protected] and we will remove it for you. 

I am receiving a “No Video Input” error or why is my service buffering?

Our IT Department is 24/7 and we have an average operating uptime of 99.4%. Our system is tested multiple times a day to ensure the best and most reliable streaming.

Although we do reset channels from time to time or we will have a channel go down that has to be reset, over 95% of ALL issues are usually a device or internet issue.

Always test other channels or features to see if you are having a device and/or internet issue. If it’s just one particular channel that is having an issue we may need to reset the channel on our end or you may need to manually reset it. If it is multiple channels or if you are having issues with the functions of certain features like Catch Up, VOD, etc. you may need to reset your internet or your device. Having issues with a particular features can also mean the device is not properly processing our media player. This can be due to your device being outdated, low memory or Ram or your device needs to be updated. We update our media player quite often so updating your device is a common solution.

I am not getting any sound or the voices are off?

There can be a couple of reasons this is happening:

Fire Stick: Simply reset your device. Unplug your device and plug it back in to let your device go through a full system reboot.

Apple Devices: Turn on your volume from the silent position. If that doesn’t fix it, flip it off and then back off. Sometimes you may need to do a full system upgrade an your Apple device as well.

Smart TV’s: Your Smart TV’s processing system may not be compatible with our Media Player.

Why is my EPG showing the wrong day?

Just like a computer your devices need to be reset from time to time. We recommend you reset your devices by unplugging your device and plugging it back in to let your device go through a full system reboot.

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